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Lolly Day
Lolly Day

Fundraiser (blankets)
Fundraiser (blankets)

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Larné Human

You just won 1 million rand, how do you spend/not spend it?

I would first say thank you Jesus :). Then pay my tithes, pay some bills and buy a car for my mom. The rest I will probably save.

If you could give every person in the world a gift, what would it be?

The gift of common sense :) - just kidding!

I would probably give them a Bible; because then they have a choice whether they want to use it or not. And if they do use it; it may just be the best gift ever.

Describe yourself in 3-5 words

Caring, kind, positive, strong and wise

What is your favourite thing to do, to pass the time?

Paint or read a good book. I don't like watching tv often; but bring me a GOOD action or a RomCom and I'll be happy

What is the weirdest/funniest/best compliment you have received?

"Your eyes are so scary! That blue just pops!"

If you could jump into a pool of ANYTHING, what would it be?


You get a free lunch date with anyone you want! Who do you choose? And why?

Can I choose someone who died and rose again? haha. Jesus, I think it will be awesome to spend a lunch with him; learning from him.

But let's get real I would probably choose a life long friend, catching up with someone I saw a long time ago, that would also be perfect!

Something you love about South Africa?

Kruger Park

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