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Mieke Hugo

Who was your favourite teacher in school and why? 

I loved all my high school teachers, so it is difficult to pick a favourite. If I had to pick, I would pick my English Home Language teacher, Mrs Koekemoer. She always found a way to make her lessons entertaining, active and impressionable. We would often do lessons in groups, which appealed to me. She would every so often take us to the beach or to go get ice cream. She was passionate, fun loving and witty.

What is one thing you miss from school and one thing you do NOT miss?

The thing I miss most about school is the support system I formed with my peers as well as my teachers. I like to study with my feet up on my chair or on my desk. I am glad I no longer have to wear school skirts and sit properly. I like to move about and be comfortable.

What is one place you really missed during hard lockdown and why?

I missed the Garden Route mall. As tradition, once a month my mother will go see a movie at the cinema. I dislike cinemas, so I do not see the movie with her. Instead, I visit WordsWorth Bookstore, PNA and Mugg and Bean. Then I read or draw, and enjoy the feeling of life’s simple pleasures. This is the feeling I miss.

What is the best (not well-known) place you've visited in South-Africa?

A suburb called Die Eiland or The Island. When my brother and I visited my father on weekends, we would all have to live in a small one-bed guest room. However, it mattered very little to me, because Die Eiland is a small island of land in Great Brak that was surrounded by a saltwater lake and a beach, had loads of trees and grass areas. The lake had ducks that were fairly tame as well as fish to catch. We would ride our bikes around the Island for hours.

What is one fun fact about you?

A fun fact about me is that I love animals, and birds are my favourite. Two of my favourite bird species are corvids and doves. I have befriended a wild pigeon who lives on my patio.

If you could give one small piece of advice to EVERY teenager out there, what would it be?

Do not be ashamed of your failures, and do not avoid them. When you think of them, welcome the thoughts with open arms, because they are your allies and teachers. Replace the word failure with lesson, or trial and error. You are not a failed experiment, you are a learning human.

Did you learn a new skill in 2020/2021? What is it?

Yes, I have learned some of the embedded counselling skills that are fundamental in a helping relationship, such as active listening.

a Lesson I learned in 2021... 

Support Networks are invaluable, especially when faced with big life changes or adjustments.

I am excited for 2022 because... 

I am excited for 2022 because it is another opportunity to develop healthy life long habits and build good character.

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