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Since 2016 #Projectschools has been an NPC that is registered as a SARS Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) with a Section 18A Certificate. This is beneficial as it could reduce individual or company tax.

You can now donate to #Projectschools and claim the donation back from your yearly tax returns.

Learn more on how you can SAVE on your tax when you donate to a Non-Profit Company

For even more information, read this article

WHY are we asking for your

#Projectschool Youth Workers receive a monthly salary for their work at the Schools. We do not burden our local schools with the salaries of our Youth Workers.

#Projectschools are solely responsible for paying these salaries. The board of directors do not receive any income from #Projectschools – they volunteer their time and effort into the dream of #Projectschools.

If you would like to partner with us, please see the options below.

We are excited to have you part of our #Projectschools team and our dream!

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