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Glenwood House School

Zandri Kotze

Who was your favourite teacher in school and why?

Mrs Aucamp my maths teacher, she had a joke around every corner and she was just a really caring and loving teacher.

What is one thing you miss from school and one thing you do NOT miss?

I was one of the schools cheerleaders, so i miss the big sport events where everyone gathered and sang songs and then what i dont miss about school is definitely homework😂

What is one fun fact about you?

Im super clumsy, trip and fall over about anything and everything. 

If you could give one small piece of advise to EVERY teenager out there, what would it be?

The best advice i can give anyone is to be just be themselves. You wont reach your full potential, by trying to be like someone else. Use the gifts that God has given you and do the things that you love to do. Stay true to yourself. 

What is the best (not well-known) place you've visited in South-Africa?

Bietangs cove in Hermanus.

Did you learn a new skill in 2021/2022? What is it?

Yes, i learned new ways to communicate my emotions and feelings, what ways works for me like writing and what does not work for me. And that helped me to work through my emotions and feelings without it overwhelming me. 

a Lesson I learned in 2022...

A lesson i learned in 2022 was that if you never try, you will never know. There is so much things i wanted to accomplish but i was doubting myself and fear got its grip on me, but if you just give yourself a chance and try, maby you'll amaze yourself.  

I am excited for 2023 because...

 I am excited for 2023 because I know it's going to be a year full of new experiences, new opportunities and im going to be able to gain more experience in the field that i am working and learn new things about myself.

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