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Privacy Policy


This Notice explains how we as Projectschools obtain, use and disclose your personal information, in compliance with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA).

We, as Projectschools, are committed to protecting your personal information in accordance to the POPI Act. We will ensure that all personal information collected will be used properly, lawfully and with transparency.

For more information please contact the Projectschools Information Officer via email

About the Company

#Projectschools, NPO (Non-Profit Organisation)

The information we collect

#Projectschools collects and process personal information for the sole purposes of understanding your requirements and delivering services accordingly.

As we are a non-profit organisation we thrive on donations. Hence, we will collect data/personal details directly from you, at your own consent. Where necessary, we will inform you of the personal information needed and which information is optional.

Projectschools will use your personal details to contact you in regards to the updating, correction or deletion of your personal information.

Projectschools welcome all visitors on our website. Our website server automatically identifies each visitor's domain name, but does not automatically collect any of your personal information. Each visitor can browse our website without revealing anything about who you are.

How we use your information

#Projectschools will use your personal information only to the extend which was agreed upon. In addition, your information may be retained for legal purposes. 

For example;

a) to obtain contact information

b) to confirm and/or verify your identity

c) to confirm that you are an authorised user for security reasons

d) to conduct customer satisfaction research

e) for audit and record keeping reasons

f) for legal proceedings

Disclosure of Information

#Projectschools will not disclose any personal information without the written consent for the client/persons involved. 

#Projectschools will however disclose personal information without the consent of the persons involved where -

a) we are obligated or have the right to disclose in terms of law or industry codes

b) we believe it necessary to protect the rights of #Projectschools and/or its employees. 

Information Security 

#Projectschools is legally responsible to provide sufficient protection for the personal information we hold. We will ensure to stop any unauthorised access and/or use of personal information. 

We will continually analyze and update, where necessary, our security controls to ensure the best possible protection of all personal information. 

Our security policies and procedures safeguard the following;

a) Access to personal information

b) Computer and network security

c) Secure communications

d) Physical security 

e) Retention and destruction of personal information

f) Monitoring access and use of personal information

g) Governance and regulatory matters

Access to information and Your Rights

You have the right to access the personal information we have obtained from you. To receive a copy, simply contact #Projectschools via email ( and specify the information you require.  We will request a form of identification to confirm your identity before providing you with the desired personal information.

Please note that any such access request may be subject to a payment of a legally allowable fee.

Correction or Updating your Information

You have the right to ask us to update, correct or delete any of your personal information. We will require a form of identification to confirm your identity before changing any of your personal details. Please note, that as an NPO some of your details are a necessity. And to function properly we will need access to those information (for example, email addresses, names, numbers, etc.).

Contact us

If you desire further information regarding this notice, you are welcome to contact our Information Officer via email ( 


Cookie Policy

A 'cookie' is fragments of data stored on a computer's hard-drive when visiting Websites. #Projectschools uses cookies to analyze our Website's overall movement of visitors and users to improve our website's online experience. 

We do not use cookies to gather and accumulate any personal data. 

We encourage the enabling of cookies to help us improve our website online experience and effectiveness but you can still freely visit our #Projectschools website while blocking cookies. 


Information Officer Matters

Request for information under Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA)

The requestor is advised to read the s51 PAIA manual and then complete the application form and submit it to the Information Officer (IO) via email 

Data subject objection to the processing of personal information 

A data subject may object to the processing of personal information in writing in the prescribed manner and form (based on section 11(3)(a) of the POPIA) and submitting the objection to the Information Officer (IO)  via email 

Request for correction of deletion of personal information or destroying or deletion of personal information records

A data subject who wishes to request the Company in terms of section 24(1) of the POPI Act to -

a) correct or delete personal information about him or her which is in the possession or under the control of the Company (Projectschools) as contemplated in section 24(1)(a) of the POPI Act; or

b) destroy or delete the record of personal information which the Company (Projectschools) is no longer authorised to retain as contemplated in section 24(1)(b) of the POPI Act.

The data subject must make the request in writing and submit the request to the Information Officer (IO) via email  

Request for data subject's consent for processing personal information for the purpose of direct marketing by means of unsolicited electronic communication

The Company (Projectschools) may request a data subject's consent in writing in the prescribed manner and form for the processing of personal information of that data subject  for the purpose of direct marketing as contemplated in section 69(2) of the POPI Act. The data subject is requested to complete this form and send it to the Information Officer (IO) via email  

Submission of complaint or grievance

A complaint may be directed to the Information Regulator (as contemplated in Section 74(1) of the POPI Act) and the person wishing to submit a complaint must do so in the prescribed manner and form.

The information Regulator is available to assist the data subject if required ( in respect of the completion of the said above.

PayFast Information

1. Description of services

#Projectschools is part of the Non-Profit business world. We are dedicated to placing youth workers in schools. We are busy changing the emotional and mental well-being landscape in schools across South Africa.

2. Return/Refund policy

Projectschools will not be held liable for the return/refunding on any donation/payment made to NPO #Projectschools.

All payments made are final. 

3. Customer Privacy policy

#Projectschools will take all necessary means to ensure the protection of users' personal information. 

4. Payment options accepted

The following methods of payment is acceptable;

- Visa

- Mastercard

- Snapscan


All methods will be available on the website for more details.

5. Card acquiring and security

PayFast is an approved payment gateway for all RSA Acquiring Banks. Users using PayFast (Pty) may go to to view their security certificate and policies.

6. Credit Card information

#Projectschools has contracted the services of a banking partner to process all credit card donations submitted to us online. Our banking partner offers a secure service encryption when using your credit card information online. This ensures a safe transmission over the Web. Your credit card information will not be discharged by #Projectshools or our banking partner to any other party.

7. Customer details separate from card details

Apart from card details, customer details will be stored under protection by #Projectschools, entered by the client themselves on PayFast's secure site. For more information on PayFast you can visit

8. Responsibility 

#Projectschools take full responsibility for aspects regarding transactions, customer services and support and dispute resolution. 

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