Projectschools NPC is an organization that places full-time youth workers in schools. We work in partnership with the school to provide hands-on support for students, when it comes to their spiritual, emotional wellbeing and link them to the people and resources they need to reach their full potential


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#Projectschools was founded in 2014, by a few people who is passionate about young teens and their well-being. We started a project, first known as “Skole Projek” because we saw a need for support under teenagers in our community. There was a few cases of teenage pregnancies, suicides and other problems that broke our hearts- and we knew something had to be done.

The idea behind #Projectschools was to help teens with their problems on ground-level; before the dire consequences. We saw great success in the first two years of the “Skole Projek” and we started dreaming big...what if we could start an organisation that could impact schools all over South Africa? That was the beginning of what is now known as #Projectschools.

Our dream is to impact communities throughout South Africa through local schools.



#Projectschools is an organization that places full-time Youth Workers in Schools. We work in partnership with these schools to provide hands-on support for students when it comes to their Spiritual and Emotional well-being. Thus, linking students to the people and resources they need to reach their full potential.

#Projectschools is dedicated to supporting individuals through what we call “Couchelling”. Couchelling is the term we use to explain the support and advice given from one peer to another. The Youth Workers placed at the schools are either Theological, Social Study, Psychology or Teaching Students that was hand-picked by #Projectschools’ board of directors.

#Projectschools expanded to three provinces in South Africa within a year, and is still growing!

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Head Office: Eden Place, N2-en-Route to Wilderness

Kraaibosch, George 6546

Postal: P.O. Box 12620, Garden Route Mall, 6546

Tel: +27 (044) 011 0304

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Head Office: +27 (087) 012 5365

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